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Safety Training

This training is mandatory for all employees. Please ensure you have been through the contents in detail and completed the quiz at the end.


In this course there will be a cross section of lessons from different IT packages and applications. The lessons will be designed to help you in your day to day life and also expand some of your knowledge.


In this course we will learn about how to communicate and how to improve our communication skills.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is exceptionally important in our business life and our private life. Hackers and cyber criminals work constantly to attack security vulnerabilities for profit. The following lessons teach you simple skills to protect Krosaki and yourself from these...

Introduction to Steel and Refractories

Learners will benefit from being introduced to the Steel Making industry and will learn basic things such as terminology, how the process works and the importance of refractories to the steel making process.

Compliance Education Program

Welcome to the Krosaki internal learning center. We hope you like this following lesson. The lessons are designed to take 10-15 minutes, but take your time if you need it. There is a multiple choice quiz at the end relating to what you have studied, which is marked...